Band Saw Blades

FOXBC BandSaw Blade are made of industrial premium material with performance that meets or exceeds OEM product. Constructed from one piece of carbon steel and Bi Metal, with tooth hardness of Rc 64-66, our bandsaw blades stay sharp with a long life and consistent performance. Our blades are built to wear evenly and deliver straight cuts at extreme band speeds.
Bi Metal BandSaw Blade 
FUNCTION: A premium bandsaw blade designed specifically for cutting non-ferrous metal (also known as soft metal), including aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and tin
Carbon Steel BandSaw Blade 
APPLICATION: Flexible carbon hard edge blade works perfectly with hard and
Wood, Chip board, Plywood, Cardboard
Used on large, vertical, high-speed wood cutting machines
This carbon steel band saw blade
is an excellent choice for any blade length requirement and is the ideal choice for those needing wood-cutting blades in lengths of 15' or less.