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Based on 534 reviews
Product looks great

Product looks great but shipping took along long time.

good quality workmanship

Does the Job

A good quality blade always does a good job perfectly. A pleasure to use.

Had to track the order down…

It took a very long time to receive and find the order delivered. Bummer was I had ordered the wrong items with a wrong click I guess. They look like good blades though.


I haven't had a chance yet to install into my planer but I will give high marks anyway. I did check the blades when I received them and did a paper cut test and they were extremely sharp, looking forward to having them in my planer to give them a real run. Also the shipping for these was extremely good and the price is awesome. As a new set from a local hardware store is almost triple the price of these, even if they are slightly less than perfect I can see that I will be using these a lot and I will be a returning customer for sure when I need more.

93.5" Blade

I ordered one blade and it arrived amazingly fast from China. Great update communication and a good metal cutting blade. My local Harbor Freight was out of stock, almost no retail store carries 93" blades and I don't have a welder. FOXBC delivered before HF restocked!!

As advertised.

They fit the saw and cut wood. Therefore, I am a happy handyman.

Good price even with rate change

Use on hardwood. Will see how long they will last.

Planer blades

Good blades, good price

Arrived sooner that expected, fair price, great quality, I use it to cut rustic little wood rounds and sticks for crafts, Thank you!


This was a really easy process and was quick and accurate. Great result will buy from here again

Everything was exactly what I ordered very satisfied thanks Richard

Good package and delivery in time

It's spare blades for now so all I can say is, nice price, good package. (blades in oil and plastic box package). Blades looks sharp but haven't try for now, I will be back for comment...
Ce sont des lames de rechanges pour l'instant donc tout ce que je peux dire c'est qu'elles sont bien emballé (lames dans l'huile et boîte de plastique), prix très intéressant (meilleur prix que Amazon Canada). Les lames semblent coupantes, je vous reviendrai lorsque je les aurai essayé.


Great product will always buy there products the best that you get and great prices

Delayed Shipping

My order has been transit for over 14 days and has been sitting in Orlando, FL. for 3 days now and hasn't moved. That is only 3 hours from me, and I don't have my order. VERY unhappy

Good for metal teardown - well lighter metals and light to medium duty steel.

I did a few tests with aluminum and copper. Cut well and fast, as it should.
Steel sheet metal was also good, but hard to keep from distorting. Not sabre-saw level precise for sure.
Stainless steel sheet metal was harder to cut, again as expected, similar to sheet metal but more time required for similar gauge.
Tested on railroad spike - very rugged cut even though steel is "softer" (IMO) than sheet metal.
Best results were letting it cut a thicker cut by "wobbling" the blade (twisting left and right along the axis).
Can do a decent precision cut if you are patient, but seems better for quick "disassembly" of metal stuff

great service

Item was good

Pin to pinless

I bought a really cheap pin based scroll saw so I could convert to pinless so I can use pinless sanding strips.It went on fairly easy so now I can sand around hard to reach portion of my scroll saw projects.