Replacement Planer Belt for DeWalt DW735 DW735X Planer 5140010-28 - 2 Pack

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Replacement Planer Drive Belt 5140010-28 for DeWalt DW735 DW735X Planer

  • Replacement Drive Belt for DeWalt DW735 DW735X Planer
  • Replacement Toothed Belt 5140010-28
  • Inspect belts periodically and replace when worn to maintain peak performance, Clean the pulleys off before putting the new belt on to ensure top performance and longevity with your new belt.
  • Please proper installation
  • Package with 2Pack

This part is used on both Black and Decker and DeWalt DW735, DW735X models
Dimensions: Belt with 9 Ribs
Clean the pulleys off before putting the new belt on to ensure top performance and longevity with your new belt.
Inspect belts periodically and replace when worn to maintain peak performance

Please proper installation

Replace DeWalt Planer DW735 DW735X  Belt Guide

First part is just like changing blades, remove the top and the dust shoot. Then remove the thickness adjusting wheel and then the cover behind it. Inside the planner on the opposite side of the belt there is a safety switch, it looks like an L bracket with slotted holes, cut a 2 inch block of wood to hold it up so the blades can turn.

Then I removed the chain, one screw on each sprocket, then I removed the chain tensioner, one screw. Then I removed the small access cover over the small pulley, just turn the screw quarter turn and remove.

Now the new part. Put the belt over the small pulley, and then got the belt started on the bottom of the big pulley. Then I took my mini needled nosed vice grips and pinched the belt to the pulley, not hard, I did not want to damage the belt. Then I took a socket and turned the nut at the center of the pulley and the belt went right on. Easy Peazy. Of course it was not completely on I just put some inward pressure on the belt in front of the pulley and kept turning the nut and it worked its way on. I then noticed that it was hanging off the small pulley a little bit. Same thing, some inward pressure in front of the small pulley and keep turning the socket. Reverse the steps and put it back together.

Anyway, here are the links to the page



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Customer Reviews

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Good Quality

Easy to install... good quality

I will give overall rating but that is all


Correct fit,

Correct fit, fast delivery

They work

I have installed after market V-Belt just like this on many centrifuges in laboratories all over So-Cal. And, frankly I was appalled by the YouTube "How To" video's out there. One guy was poking around with a screw driver, forcing the belt on. Another was a guy removing the keeper, gees talk about making it ever harder to reassemble. Those two wouldn't have lasted long as a Biomed. The secret is to remove everything: side cover, adjustment wheel, chain tensioner, pulley sprocket /with chain (pay attention and put this back exactly the way you took them off, pull straight out, turn face down and reverse for the install). Put the V-Belt on the upper smaller pulley (remove that cover if you haven't already done so) and then firmly hold the belt to the lower side of the larger pulley and gently insert a socket (I recommend 3/8" drive or larger, 1/2" drive even better) and slowly turn the pulley clockwise until the belt slips on. Weighing in at 92 pounds, no worry about holding the planer.

They fit and work.

They definitely fit the Planer but without the proper know how or tools it is a daunting job to get them on the cog wheel.

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