FOXCARBIDE Round Carbide Cutter Insert 12mm (1/2″) Dia Ci3 Hybrid

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FOXCARBIDE 12mm(.472") Ci3 Round Carbide Cutter Inserts Replacement for Easy Wood Tools Easy Start, Mini and Mid Midi Finishers and Full and Pro Size Hollowers Lathe Woodturning Tools - 10 Pack 

  • 12mm Round Carbide Inserts .472" x .072"; M4-40 screw. replacement for EWT Ci3, Ci3-NR Carbide Cutter, Model 6400 6400NR
  • Suitable for Easy Wood Tools Easy Start Easy Finisher, Mini Easy Finisher, Mid-Size Easy Finisher, Full-Size Easy Hollower #3, Pro Easy Hollower #3 #4 and YUFUTOL Mini Size Carbide Lathe Woodturning Tools
  • When one side of the cutter gets dull, simply turn it to a new side and continue turning. When all sides are used, you just replace the cutter.
  • The right geometry or cutting angle is ground to the produce an edge the cuts cleanly and safely.
  • The round carbide cutters on all of woodturning finishers are designed for light finishing cuts, especially on the inside curves of bowls and spindle coves. This cutter also works well for shaping and hollowing bowls.
  • Package comes with additional storage container with 10 knives, compartments to store and protect replacement cutters when not in use
  • Precision ground finish - carbide cutters are not polished as the polishing process is prone to chipping the cutting edge, the perfect grade of carbide produces the best combination of sharpness and durability, Optimal grinding process produces the flattest and truest cutting surfaces
  • FOXBC offers a series of replaceable carbide inserts cutter woodturning tools that address fatigue, safety and efficiency to keep your wood turning tools cutting cleanly for the best results.
  • 12mm (.480”) Diameter
    2.3mm (.092”) Thickness
    30° Cutting Angle
     Hole size for 4/40 Cap Screw
    #4-40 x 3/8” Mounting Screw Supplied
    Hardness 92 Co% 10%
    ISO Code K20
    Prices yet to be determined
    Fits Penn State Industries, Carbide Magic Cove Master, Easy Wood Tool Mid Range, and others
    Some tool makers also refer to this cutter as 11mm
    EWT Ci3 ™
    Fits Pro Easy Hollower 1 ™
    Fits Pro Easy Hollower 2 ™
    Fits Pro Easy Hollower 3 ™
    Fits Easy Start Easy Finisher ™
    Fits Mini Easy Finisher ™
    Fits Mid Size Easy Finisher ™
    Fits Easy Start Finisher ™
    Fita Savannah 7382 ™
    Fits Simple Woodturning Tools  Simple Turner MSTH ™
    Fits Grizzly Mini Tools ™

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