FOXBC 37 Inch Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blade for Gryphon C-40, Precision, Speedster Laser XL, CRL

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 FOXBC 37 Inch Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blade for Gryphon C-40, Precision, Speedster Laser XL, CRL - 1 Pack

  • 37" x 1/8" standard stainless steel based diamond band saw blades will fit all Gryphon Band Saws and any other saw using a 37" blade. The stainless steel blade is designed specifically for use in cutting certain corals and can cut glass as well.
  • Compatible with Gryphon Diamond Bandsaw C40 (#08400) and Speedster XL, Diamond Laser 3000XL, Gryphon C-40, Smart Cut 19001, CRL DTB1000, CRL DTB3000 and other brands.
  • *Not recommended for DB-100*
  • *Note that this blade will not fit the AquaSaw XL or the C-40 Tall.
  • Diamond blade designed for cutting thick fused or slab glass & lapidary material.
  • The blade is made of seamless strong stainless steel selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • The blade coated tine diamond allows for cutting cleanly and easily all kinds of glass and other mineral materials, minimizing grinding time and saving precious materials.

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