3-1/4 inch Carbide Planer Blades For Porter Cable PC60THPK 5140101-80

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3-1/4 82mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped Planer Blades Knife Portable Hand Wood Razor For Porter Cable PC60THPK 5140101-80 - 10pc

  • 3-1/4 Inch 82mm Planer Blades For Porter Cable PC60THPK 5140101-80 

    CE750-B2, CE750-BR, STPP7502-B2C, CE750-AR, CE750-B3,  CMEW300, PC60THPK, CE750-B2C, STPP7502-B3, STPP7502-BR, STPP7502-B2

    and 3-1/4" MANY OTHERS
  • Blades Size: 82x5.5x1.2mm
  • Blade Material: TCT (Tungsten Carbide)
  • Reversible and disposable
  • Package 10 Pack, Plastic case packaging

The blades made of micro grain tungsten carbide, Double edged, reversible.

Pack of 10 pieces of 82mm planer blades long reversible to fit table top and hand held portable planers.

FOXBC is proud to offer exclusive tungsten carbide 3-1/4" carbide planer blades that will last approximately 10 times longer than our premium HSS planer blades. Our carbide-tipped knives feature high-grade micrograin carbide that has been permanently bonded to a rugged steel body. This steel and carbide combination on each planer blades results is super-durable and able to withstand the high-speed stresses inside your jointer or planer far better than any other brand of blade out there. Since you won't have to sharpen these knives nearly as frequently as HSS knives, the time savings alone will be significant.

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