Carbide Inserts Cutters Blades Knives Set For Detailer Hollower Finisher Rougher

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Color: DP-3PCS
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Usage: External Turning Tool

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 6pcs

Material: Hard Alloy

Include 6pcs: M4*8 Screws

Include 1pcs: carbide insert 11x11x2.0mm

Include 1pcs: carbide insert VEMN160202

Include 1pcs: carbide insert VEMN160208

Include 1pcs: T15 Wrench

Include 1pcs: carbide blades 11x11x2.0R50mm

Include 1pcs: carbide cutter 8.9x1.85mm

Include 1pcs: carbide knife 12x2.5mm

Hardness: HRA92

Wood Turning Lathe Tool Carbide Cutter Inserts Knives Set for woodworking Tools

- The YG8 grade of carbide provides the best combination of the sharpness and durability,Polished to a mirror finish for smoother cutting and longer tool life.

- Perfect for Professional Carpenters and Beginners.


6 PCS Package & Sizes:

Square: 11x11x2.0mmR50---1PCS

Square: 11x11x2.0mm---1PCS

Diamond: 10x28mmR8---1PCS

Diamond: 10x30mm---1PCS

Round: 8.9x1.85mm-30°---1PCS

Round: 12x2.5mm-30°---1PCS

Screw: M4x8mm---6PCS

Wrench: T15---1PCS



3 PCS Package & Sizes:

Square: 11x11x2.0mmR50---1PCS

Diamond: 10x28mmR8---1PCS

Round: 12x2.5mm-30°---1PCS

Screw: M4x8mm---3PCS

Wrench: T15---1PCS


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