12.5-Inch HSS Planer Blades Knive For JWP-12-4P JET 708522 Planer, Set of 2

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HSS Planer Blades Knives For JET 708522 JWP-12-4P 12.5" Planer , Set of 2

  • Replacement planer knives for JET 708522 JWP-12-4P 12.5" Planer
  • High Speed Steel, 2-side Edge
  • A set of two; Plastic case pack
If you use JET 708522 JWP-12-4P blades, try these and we guarantee you will be pleased.

This listing is for a set of (2) brand new High Speed Tool Steel, double edge planer knives for the JET 708522 JWP-12-4P planer.

The blades are ground with both a primary bevel and a secondary bevel close to the edge.  The blades are razor sharp and ready to go.

The dimensions for each blade are: