12-1/2-Inch Planer Blades For Performax 240-3749, 240-3750 Planer - Set of 2

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12-1/2-Inch HSS Planer Blades For Replacement blades for 12-1/2" planers Performax® 240-3749, Performax® 240-3750 Planer - Set of 2

  • 12-1/2-Inch replacement knives for Replacement blades for 12-1/2" planers Performax® 240-3749, Performax® 240-3750
  • Made of High Speed Steel for longer cutting life
  • Easy to install, Double-edged "reversable" high-speed steel construction
  • Set of 2, Plastic case packaging
  • Blade material: M2/SKH51/W6Mo5Cr4V2 Hardness: HRC 65-68°

The blades are ground with both a primary bevel and a secondary bevel close to the edge. The blades are razor sharp and ready to go.

The dimensions for each blade are:
Length - 12-1/2"
Width - 15/32"
Thickness - 1/16"


The Performax® 12-1/2" Planer features a powerful 15-amp motor and on-board tool storage.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor powers cutter-head at 9,400 RPM to produce 18,800 CPM (cuts per minute)
  • Capacity to thickness a 12-1/2" board up to 6" thick
  • Infeed/Outfeed tables support work piece when entering and exiting the planer to minimize snipe
  • Reversible, double-edged steel knives are indexed for quick and easy blade changes
  • On-board tool storage and power cord wrap offer extra convenience
  • Includes two reversible blades and dust hood

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