All of our solid planer blades are HSS and our reversible blades are available in HSS or TCT          

HSS ( High speed steel ) :
Blades are most premium blades for planes, as they stay sharp for longer period of time giving you the smoothest finish. These are properly hardened and tempered to work for a long life compared to other material blades. Ideal for continuous use especially on hardwood timbers.

TCT ( Tungsten Carbide Tipped ) :
Blades  are less sharp. They give a slightly less smooth result than HSS blades, but the result is still very good. Most commonly used on softwood timber. They are a great cheaper alternative when you will be replacing blades frequently due to hitting nail etc.. and not wanting to damage your solid or more expensive blades.

Solid blades :

A solid planer blade once the blade has lost its sharpness you can remove the blade and resharpen it, giving you much more life out of your blade. 

Reversible blades :
Once a reversible planer blade has lost its sharpness or become chipped you can remove the blade and turn it the other way for a new cutting surface. Once both sides of the blade have worn out or the blade has cracked it will need to be replaced. Reversible blades cannot be sharpened.